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Spiral Aftereffect

Do you believe your eyes? When it comes to optical illusion your visual perception can be different from reality. This project is challenging your brain using The optical Illusions. Radiating patterns produce perceptual distortion beautifully mixing with the body of the model.

What to do & see

Gaze at the center of the rotating spiral for about 37 seconds, then continue looking at the next images. You will notice whatever you look at now appears swirling. Don’t worry, it won’t stick ?, this sensation will go away in a few seconds.
Gazing at the spiral for a longer time will increase the duration of the aftereffect, leveling out at 40 s. Holding the gaze steady at the center, don’t over-concentrate, “let it hang” also increases the effect.

Model: Dariga N.

Thanks to:

Leïla Akhundova for copywriting
Orkhan Mammad a.k.a Origraphy
E Fashion Dept.
LuxOut for Clothing
Vintage Beauty Studio for Make Up and Hair