Oil factor

"The photograph taken by Emin Mathers from one of the hills surrounding Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, places in the same vantage point a soviet-era oil pumping station, a house of parliament and the flame towers - modern symbol of Baku. According to the author, this image allegorically reflects the path of getting to the modern world: the main success factors include the political and economic independence that brings stability and welfare."

- tardino 6 / Independence Azerbaijani art platform and gallery

For many years, the oil-rich territories on the western coast of the Caspian sea were considered a tasty morsel of land for immediate neighbors and great powers.

Although oil was first extracted commercially in Azerbaijan in the end of the 19th century it was not until late 20th century that the country gained, together with its independence, was able to have access to its own resources.
Signed monotype
Silver gelatin print
30 X 24 cm

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