Human stories

Every movie have their episodical hero. These Humans are that heroes entering and briefly but sincere tell their stories of life. Their personalities are not only their face and bodies, their environments as well includes huge amount of information about them.

Guram Tsibakhashvili

When talking about photography in Georgia, the pathes leaded to Guram Tsibakhashvili. This path went through photography residency in Poti where he was a mentor. The preliminary meeting was held in his studio, which was located on top of the building overlooking the city. During this meeting, he told many stories, accompanied by photographs.In the end of the meeting, book gifted by him "Ulysses" became another story about the artistic life of the 90s told through pages.

Вee keeper

He was most progressive human which I met in Sim village.

Inside the sound

To see what is behind magnificent front of the organ my curiosity took me behind the scene of Kircha. Actually with the visitor eye there was tall wooden wall with the 2x2 m box in front of it. Uzeir Mammadov whom I met on the stage in the beginning, told me that the box is denoised compressor of the instrument, then showed tiny invisible door taking to the internal world of the organ. There were lots of very fragile tubes inside, even temperature can deform and change the sound. It's a completely different experience of a sound perception to be inside of the organ when it is played.
To feel it sometimes Uzeir is sitting inside the instrument during the concerts.


On my last day in Semipolky village, I met a local self-taught landscape painter Oleg Zaporozhets. He is working with different techniques, even invented his own. Sometimes he is painting women portraits for sale and call them "Мои продажные женщины". But main theme of his work is silent expanses of his land. "Time goes on, and my main wish is to make a wall painting in the local church to leave a legacy behind me."

Xari BÜlbÜl

Searching for the remnants of contemporary art festival I stumbled into the world of 3D art of 20th century, called «Combinat». This workshop is still producing lots of monuments which will spread all over the country. It was great pleasure for me to get short workshop about monument making, familiarize with their upcoming releases and find out that Xari Bülbül is a flower.
Shoe man

Farman and Telman

"If I would change my clothes and shave, you met "another man". Appearance means a lot." - Farman


Most of my last series somehow touch leisure time of people in their daily life. This time I had a chance to be an observer of constructors' tea time. There was line between working proses and moment when fresh boiled kettle of tea dive inside construction area.

carpet weavers

"Father was tractor driver, had earned just 140rub for it. Mom was very good in carpet weaving. She ranked her 5 daughters included me to help her. Till middle 2000s carpets made a good profit in Azerbaijan, for this reason in 1990 I moved here from Kazakhstan. All my works was only for export. We still keeping this family craft with my daughter." - Karlygash


"I used to be a fisherman, like most men from Alat. Now, because of the disease on my leg, I will not risk going far, but for a good catch this is necessary. Then I began to grow pigeons. They are more loyal than people. I love to watch how they first take care of their chicks, unlike us."

Sewing workshop

Always tailored solutions attracting my attention. And this time I'm shareing with you some frames of a sewing workshop organized in a bus located on the same street where A.S. Pushkin rented an apartment in St. Petersburg - on the English quay side of Galernaya


It was a silent afternoon in Karvan Saray, when I met a man with an umbrella in his hand. While conversation he appeared to be a real "tütəkchi" with his fife in a pocket.

the Antique shop

We entered into a small antique shop right after visiting Camp Nou. First lady I met there was a grand daughter of one of the founders of FB Barcelona. She told us a lot about him, but unfortunately my Spanish was so poor to understand her story, but her sign language.
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