From the news of how astrophysicists have creatively pushed the technical boundaries of the possible to capture the first image of a black hole, I have realized that my homo sapiens brain is seeing an object we have never seen before, and I am delighted that it is possible to find photographic evidence for our abstract theories.
"Exploring Imagination through Light, Waves, and Vibrations"
Yogis recommend mentally talking with trees. Place your palms on the tree and mentally tune in to it. Remember that this must be done with love.
The idea of a soul in one's eyes is a metaphorical expression that has been used in various contexts throughout history. Some people believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul, representing a human's innermost thoughts and emotions.
In old Georgian "Mt'k'uari", either from Georgian "good water" or a Georgianized form of
Megrelian tkvar-ua "gnaw", as in, "river that eats its way through the mountains».
One of the desires as a visual artist is to develop vision to the supernatural, i.e. to increase the perception potential of a wider range of color waves. The most abundant amount of soft above violet rays of light in the natural environment was observed during rare sunsets in lilac - ultraviolet tones. Not finding enough information, therefore, the name of such a phenomenon, it received the definition of ephemerality.
In this project Emin gives a voice to the Caspian Sea to express his condition to
humanity that settled on its shores.
This is an ongoing project. Currently architect, researcher needed. I am open for cooperation to develop this series of photographs.
Photography gives me the opportunity to observe my subject more attentively, select the best point of view, lighting, timing and capture it.
Significance of this work is in documenting, showing and preserving the state of nowadays of the city on Caspian coast. Personally for me it was the way to observe people living here, their culture and daily habits.
"Everything that you dreamed of can be brought to life exactly at the moment when you decide to bring."
With this idea and a camera in hand, I plunged into this program to push the boundaries of my practice towards cinematography.
On the horizon of the district between old, handmade fences and the sky, you can see the newly built glass skyscrapers in the bright light of the coastal center of the city, as if portending future innovations of Bayil.
Smartphones became the most popular new tool of man in the XXI century. However, the smartphone has shaped the "Always online" generation, where most of us become neurons of the huge global brain, ready to respond to each kind of stimulation.
Time pasts and I'll remember this seven images prom each city which I'm visiting
as an highlights from them. Ongoing project.
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