Lens-based visual artist & photographer
born in the South Caucasus, on the Caspian coast. While studying at the architectural university, in the third year, the camera became a tool for him to create photographs that were considered representations of objective reality. Since then, photography has become an adventure for him, a means of understanding the reality of the world. As a photographer, Emin participates in documentary projects, observing the activities of humanity, and in conceptual photographs he expresses his insights about the reality that he experiences.
He is an active member of NFT community. Mathers was participant of NFT NYC 2023, 2024, he gave a voice to Caspian Sea at KOLGA Tbilisi Photo 2022 and Global Conversation 2020 by United Nation, also a finalist of London SPF 2020 and etc. His photographs are in private collections and galleries in Italy, Russia, USA, UK, Hungary, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
Emin's stories and projects are published on media platforms and magazines. He is practicing photography curation in frames of F37 union which is represents, supports and exhibits photographers on the local and international scene.

"Photography is a technique I use to connect memory, presence and imagination. Having achieved their complete balance, photographs become an additional visible dimension to my experience. By creating photographs, I illuminate time in the visible 4th dimension.
I am currently exploring the connection between light and imagination to discover the sixth sense and new possibilities of human consciousness."
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- Design your utopia / Juist island, DE
- Chai Khana stand / Tbilisi Photo Fest - MOMA, Tbilisi, GE
- ARTIM Flux: Peripheral Expansion / ARTIM, Baku, AZ
- LSPF 2020 Single photograph contest finalist
- "Xazar/Oilbow" is one of 99 artworks chosen by the UN75 Exhibition Committee
- Competition by ACT|UP project / Berlin, DE

Digital Virtual Technology
vol.02 with Human of 2020 / 16.01.2021
Windows into the Virtual with NOVA III / 16.02.2021
Studio exhibition of Monotypes / 05.04.2021
International black&white photography exhibition / 25.04.2021
Crossing realities with Monotypes / 01.05.2021
"DEFOCUSED" photography exhibition / 29.07.2021
"EMERGENCY DOOR OF THE MUSEUM" photography book presentation & exhibition / 16.08.2021
MONOCHROME: yellow to green / 01.10.2021
SHELTER & PLACE book launch / 05.11.2021
- Yanjiao Biennial / Yanjiao, China
- LoosenArt / Millepiani gallery, Rome, IT
- F3.7 gallery / Baku, AZ
- Collect Art / Tbilisi, GE
- NUR Art House / Baku, AZ
- Baku Photography House / Baku, AZ
- Baku Book Center / Baku, AZ
- Baku Photography House / Baku, AZ
- Spotz NY x Photobook Cafe / London, UK

"Watch to hear" at KOLGA Tbilisi Photo 2022 / 09.05.2022
Photography residency "Black Sea" - Poti 2022 / 10-16.07.2022
International group Exhibition in the flat for sale / 27.08.2022
"A palette of perspectives" with MTKVARI bank / 29.09-13.10.2022
"Black Sea" - Poti 2022 final exhibition / 08.10.2022
Caucasus Cinema, fall 2022 / 01-31.10.2022

- ArtArea / Tbilisi, GE
- Poti Art House / Poti, GE
- Open Art House CHUGURETI / Tbilisi, GE
- Dissolution gallery / Tbilisi, GE
- Poti City Library / Poti, GE
- Tetritskaro, Akhalkalaki, Kutaisi, Mestia, Lanchkhuti / GE

Force of Love
by NARGIS / 17-19.02.2023
NOVA III at NFT NYC 2023 / 12-14.04.2023
"Forms of Fears" from Ethereal Luminosity / 28.10.2023
Exoplanets at MYS Forum / 28-30.11.2023

- Space 13 / Baku, AZ
- Times Square and Hudson Yards / New York, US
- iN Club, Tecili Photo / Baku, Azerbaijan
- Heydar Aliyev Center / Baku, Azerbaijan

Roots & Branches / XX.XX.2024
NFT NYC 2024: Buddhabrot from Ethereal Luminosity / 03-05.04.2024
EPHEMEREALITY: VR Experience / XX.XX.2024
NOVA III: Expeditions / XX.XX.2024

- XX / Earth
- Times Square and Hudson Yards / New York, US
- XX / Earth
- XX / Earth



South Caucasus, Azerbaijan
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