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"Community-owned co-living in the magic forest in Kakheti, Georgia for humans that are kind." - только после всей истории нашел эти строки на страницах Шато Шапито. Далее мой рассказ об этом же, фотографиями и на своих языках.

After a day of traveling from Batumi, through all of Sakartvelo, my companion in the last minibus was Job, who had already volunteered there recently. He also responded to the call for help. Getting off the minibus, a plate with the circus tent symbol and fallen trees indicated that we were there. Following my new mate through the forest path for a couple of minutes, we reached a deep ditch. It was possible to walk through it along a two-meter log, on the other side of which several guys were already doing something. After a long journey and with a large backpack, this became a challenge. On the second attempt, having crossed the barrier, dedicated to his task, Saufi, who later turned out to be the head of the volunteers, was the first to extend his hand of acquaintance.
Looking around and going through all my senses, my whole being said that you were in the right place. Watching around as if in slow motion, everyone was busy with something and at the same time a kind of harmony was wafting from everything. The minutes of contemplation were interrupted by a small funny and fluffy dog immediately asking for affection. After which Lilya introduced herself. She, having learned that I was a new volunteer, referred me to Aurika.
After a brief acquaintance, she asked Vitya to take me to the place where I would spend these nights. While we were walking to the place along paths among the trees, a loud thought sounded in my head "Aurika, Saufi, Lilya... I'm definitely in a fairy tale" and then the impressed thoughts were interrupted by a small wooden forest house that brought me into complete delight. Already this amount of the hormone of happiness filled to the brim, then Victor, with a few manipulations, lifted the already impressive huge window on the scale of a cottage, onto a very cozy veranda... and this became the release of endorphin that spilled my cup of euphoria.


A little later, having found balance in this sublime state of mine, leaving my shoes on for many days, I went barefoot in search of guys with whom I could share this charge, helping with what they were doing. I quickly found a use for it because in the first days there was a lot to do. The first work mates were Nugo and Gleb. They collected, chopped and disassembled branches and logs according to size at a small tractor into which they should then be loaded. While working, I learned from Nugo a new Georgian word "prtkhilad", which meant "be careful".
Having spent energy on this work, I had only taken a couple of steps in an unresolved direction when Anton met me up with a classic carpet in place of a yoga mat on his shoulder, with an offer to join a group yoga practice in a clearing by the river. And this was another wave of impressions - practicing yoga in direct contact with the Earth, among magnificent humans under a wide open heavenly dome. Subsequently, it became a tradition, after physical work during the day, to align muscles and bones in place, thereby ensuring the harmonious stay of the spirit in a properly restored body. Upon completion, the pleasant weight of gratitude to the Absolute prevented me from moving on to the next scene in the group. I plunged into meditation as the sun sank further and further below the horizon.
Upon returning to physical reality, although from the abundance of impressions I very much doubted the physicality of the happening, I slowly headed towards the light in the distance. There, under the warm light of the garlands, all the inhabitants of the Chapiteau shared their evening meal at long wooden tables. At the end of dinner, some retired to their accommodations for the night, others gathered in groups to handcraft something, and I found myself at the piano where Vasya sat down and one of the divine compositions began playing - the soundtrack of the film Interstellar. Meanwhile, one more volunteer arrived on the last bus.


The second and third days passed in the same vibe and rhythm. Having collected almost all the branches and fallen trees, it was time to cut down the tree near the house that was damaged during the hurricane and was causing concern.
If at the beginning the general gathering of everyone for the rare scene of cutting down centuries of life experience aroused my interest in observing a wide range of human emotions, then the crunch, fall and sympathy for the pain of the tree flooded me headlong. Observing the decision in this state, and at the same time cutting down the second dangerous tree, plunged me from the boiling water of sadness into the boiling oil of anger. So I descended from heaven to earth, then fell under it in anger. Understanding that this was being done without realizing tree's pain did not allow me to express all the feelings I was experiencing, but the content burned from the inside. Everything around was covered in sawdust, as if in the splattered blood of living beings. It was only possible to clim back to the ground when Valentina lent a helping hand with the task of covering the cuts with moss. This transformed that burning feeling into a thought that caused a soft and cool experience of hope that the roots will survive this pain and, without drying out, will sprout new branches for the next season.
Although the next day the covered moss on the first tree was disheveled, but this did not upset me, only arousing an interest to find out the reason due to the strangeness of the happening.


Now, having acuanted with many people, having understood the mechanism of this green little world, having experienced and found balance in such opposite feelings, I was completely immersed in the world of Chapiteau. Local life began on the fifth day of this experience. And so, then at the end of every next five days, I extended his stay by the same amount. These periods changed like chapters in which stories full of adventures and insightful dialogues were written, becoming more and more impressive.
One early morning the reason for the disheveled mosses became obvious. Now this place was now Jagodka's sleeping quarters. The main thing is that this meeting gave a broader vision of what happened that day. While I was in touch with the fallen tree, suddenly this kindred soul created a chain by also placing its paw on me. This renewed memory in Dog's eyes instantly brought to mind the idea that the great Earth itself was also involved in this chain.


The intensity made the days feel like weeks. Having been convinced by the strong arguments of friends to celebrate the day of acquiring this body in such an environment and the convincing nod of intuition towards this, the tenth day passed full of miracles in the literal sense of this word. Also, that evening the guests of the first festival arrived. They filled the place with a new wave of fun, bright colors and tasty beats while installing a sound system for the evening dance floor. Also, we, who had already resonated with the silence of the area, watched with amusement the difference in speeds and vibrations of people who had just arrived from the city. Nature did not spare anyone; on the final morning, a big bus gathered the participants of ProfCamp '23 in a state of natural harmony.
Meanwhile, a group of volunteers headed to greet the bright sun by the deep lagoon of the flowing river that launched these events a couple of weeks ago. Cold river water in contrast with the warming rays of the sun opened the curtain to the world of the times of the Garden of Eden. In this mood, the children of the Earth waved after the big bus taking the participants to the capital.

About our mission

Preparations for the second festival - the Festival of "Humanity" began 5-6 days in advance and more intensively than for the first. Since the goal was also to have time to complete the construction of a large tent and install new corners around the perimeter of the Chapiteau. Everyone gave it their all and this intensity was supported by the morning practice of yoga and meditation under the magical voice of Miss Kestler and the evening practice in the bright aura of Anton. In between, some of the tents' platforms left unshelled after the hurricane served as quick charging stations thanks to their metal structure and pyramidal shape.
Finally it was especially pleasing to get a task in building a tent after cleaning the forest, helping with the farm and household work, since this job was familiar and congenial. Helping Max and Vika set up the big tent took a little time, but it was very inspiring. Even gravity was not able to distract from the process of hanging the shell formed by the hands of many creators.
At the same time, participating in the design and placement of new locations around the area was an exciting experience. The process was supervised by Anya, who was devoted to her idea. This attitude motivated us to approach everything with full dedication. While Nastya spent her days painting a map of the area, charging the likeness of the Chateau with her energy, Miriam and I helped spread the magic of Anya and her satellite Faina throughout the forest.


After so many bright moments, big companies and intense parties, this festival has come to an end. The very next afternoon, with the participants leaving, the environment around became significantly quieter and slowed down.
For the good stories I lived in Chapiteau. With some we came into subtle contact with reality, with one wish of good morning exchanged energy and information for the entire day, and with others we talked at length about everything in the world and even beyond. But no matter how the realities came into contact, each eye met both inspired something new and unprecedented, and when they diverged, took a part of me.
In recent days, this has been especially clearly felt in connection with the departure of people close to me, and the next day with my departure. I witnessed how there was almost nothing left of me. And the finale of this holy experience was already clearly felt. So I headed to Tbilisi to recharge, get holistic and start living the new Emin Mathers.

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