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About project
«Bakuvian Street Photography» project started as a series of photographs that I was shooting throughout the 2019-2020. After years of communication with foreign travelers and tourists visiting the city where I grew up, personally, for me, it was a way to observe citizens living, culture, and daily habits from my new point of view.
Photography book concept

Visual story begins from the city bay. On the most common route of travelers between Asia and Europe, their way crosses the sea on ferry boats from the other side of the Caspian sea. Book sequenced by the context, shapes and colors. This is how they continue each other to make this visual journey even more absorbing. In the end there is an epilogue, stories of 12 photographs and a list of page numbers and their description such as street where it was taken or object name.

Cover: Hardcover ImageWrap
Paper: Premium Lustre (148 gsm)
Pages: 121
Images: 104
Size: 25 x 20 cm (10 x 8 in)
Exhibitions and events
London Street Photography Fest 2020 / Single photograph contest finalist
LSPF 2020 / LONDON / 30.08.2020

Pop up exhibition series in Baku, Azerbaijan:
- Author talk & Pop up exhibition @Baku Book Center / BSPF / 16.08.21
- Pop up exhibition @Baku Photography House / 20.08.2021
- Pop up exhibition @UCB / 25.08.2021
- Pop up exhibition @F3.7union Space / 06.09.2021

- Pop up exhibition @Tor, O BIRI OTAQ / Lankaran, Azerbaijan / XX.XX.2021

Pricing Plans

By buying signed and numbered limited edition of photography prints today you support production of copies of book. Every purchased photo print will get a copy of a book for free. Photography books will be shipped on second half of December 2021. Shipping is worldwide and not included to price. Payment by "Card to card", Western Union or Paypal available.
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