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If you think more deeply, then each of us knows that everything, and even science, is nothing but the intersubjective reality of humanity, trying to explain everything around us. From this point of view, astronomy is also a big story. In order to feel its reality, people have created various tools to search for material evidence of our imagination.

From the news of how astrophysicists have creatively pushed the technical boundaries of the possible to capture the first image of a black hole, I have realized that my homo sapiens brain is seeing an object we have never seen before, and I am delighted that it is possible to find photographic evidence for our abstract theories. For two years, scientists analyzed the information received from the Event Horizon Telescope (a project to create a super-large telescope with a diameter of 12 thousand kilometers, physically consisting of eight radio telescopes) on a supercomputer and created an image that looks like it was taken with a single giant telescope the size of our planet. As a result, in the image we saw exactly what modern astrophysical theories predicted - a bright shifted donut with a shifted brightness around the dark spot.

At that time, there were already frames from the NOVA II series - planets that were only experienced in my mind, and this news gave inspiration to go further in making a documentation of the imaginational experience.

When creating this series, I used the main astronomical tool - a telescope. However, using it, I took a different point of view. The knowing mind, having received the tool, will begin to repeat the action previously done by others, and this prevents the imagination from freely floating along the flow of events, and thereby opening a completely new universe.

Future realities are preparing humanity for a new world through art. Art makes discoveries where science cannot yet make them, in other words, it is the solution of problems that cannot be solved explicitly until they are solved. I quote the words of the culturologist Yuri Lotman - "Art does not depict the world, but creates the world, and after that, this world exists." We have witnessed more than once how images created by artists, ideas written by writers decades later became part of our reality. The way this series was created by circumstances through me convinces me that these are the seeds of an idea planted for a future generation of pioneers to explore in more details the new stellar system NOVA III.


NOVA III: Beginning

A0 - 3 / / 40.355510, 49.829617
A0 - 1 / / 40.375486, 49.833394
A0 - 2 / / 40.355920, 49.830332

ARTIM Flux: Peripheral Expansion / 08.10.2019 - 29.11.2019

They say, "The macrocosm of the universe is mirrored in the microcosm of the mind" which can be applied to "NOVA III", the immersive installation by Emin Mathers raising the question around the place of the human energy and its potential of materializing imagination in the macrocosm which can refer both to the whole universal system and the society. The photo installation creates an experience of high perception of limitless eternity.
Video link: Facebook
Millepiani, Rome
A0 - 1 / / 40.375486, 49.833394

LoosenArt: Windows into the virtual / 16.02.2021 - 21.02.2021

The exhibition, open to the public from February 5 to March 4, 2021, presents digital, photographic and video works that reflect on the theme of the virtual dimension, interpreted according to different declinations and perspectives.
Starting from the Renaissance period, the very concept of the frame was a reference to the idea of a window that opens to external worlds, to other worlds and to what is beyond reality.
The result of the group show Windows into the Virtual is a mirror of the reality we live: sometimes it shows the world we live in, at other times it breaks through the door of the unreal, the non-existent, the paradoxical.

Event curated by LoosenArt
Millepiani, Rome
A2 - 2 / / 40.346423, 49.961000

LoosenArt: Decontexts / 15.06.2021 - 23.06.2021
Music: Aphex Twin - Stone in focus
Video: black & black studio
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