Stellar system:


is a way to explore cosmic scales of imagination.

Everything, and even science, is nothing but the intersubjective reality of humanity, trying to explain everything around us. From this point of view, astronomy is also a big story. In order to feel its reality, people have created various tools to search for material evidence of our imagination.

From the news of how astrophysicists have creatively pushed the technical boundaries of the possible to capture the first image of a black hole, I have realized that my homo sapiens brain is seeing an object we have never seen before, and I am delighted that it is possible to find photographic evidence for our abstract theories. For two years, scientists analyzed the information received from the Event Horizon Telescope (a project to create a super-large telescope with a diameter of 12 thousand kilometers, physically consisting of eight radio telescopes) on a supercomputer and created an image that looks like it was taken with a single giant telescope the size of our planet. As a result, in the image we saw exactly what modern astrophysical theories predicted - a bright shifted donut with a shifted brightness around the dark spot.

At that time, there were already frames from the NOVA II series - planets that were only experienced in my mind, and this news gave inspiration to go further in making a documentation of the imaginational experience.

When creating this series, I used the main astronomical tool - a telescope. However, using it, I took a different point of view. The knowing mind, having received the tool, will begin to repeat the action previously done by others, and this prevents the imagination from freely floating along the flow of events, and thereby opening a completely new universe.

Future realities are preparing humanity for a new world through art. Art makes discoveries where science cannot yet make them, in other words, it is the solution of problems that cannot be solved explicitly until they are solved. I quote the words of the culturologist Yuri Lotman - "Art does not depict the world, but creates the world, and after that, this world exists." We have witnessed more than once how images created by artists, ideas written by writers decades later became part of our reality. The way this series was created by circumstances through me convinces me that these are the seeds of an idea planted for a future generation of pioneers to explore in more details the new stellar system NOVA III.

NEWS about A2 - 3 #NOVAIII

01/05/20 16:18 +4 GMT
Today launched the first rover to the exoplanet! A2 - 3 will be the first space object outside our Solar system that we touch.

17/01/23 03:51 +4 GMT
Three years ago, we took a big step towards interstellar exploration - we launched the first rover outside the solar system. Today the rover "Aooks" touched down on the surface of the exoplanet and transmitted a image from 37 km above A2-3 before landing!

18/01/23 05:45 +4GMT
We just got the images from "Aooks"!
At first glance, the surface looks deserted. Apparently, the presence of iron and manganese gives the soil brown, ocher, red tones.
In the last photograph, the lines resemble a dry river. It is too early to judge from one image, but there is an assumption that there is vegetation on the planet.

19/01/23 15:58 +4GMT
Having received another packet of information from the exoplanet, it was found that, a day here, at this time of the exoplanetary year, lasts about 13 hours. Sunsets due to particles in the atmosphere, purple in color. As the Aooks moves, plant-like forms are encountered. We are looking for more solid evidence that plant life is present on A2 - 3.
21/01/23 12:47 +4GMT
I solemnly announce that for the first time we observe life on another planet. Transmitted clear evidence of vegetative objects on A2 - 3. This opens up great opportunities for the colonization of its surface.

NEWS about A0 - 3 #NOVAIII

10/11/22 21:37 +4 GMT
With intention to see more, the spacecraft KVM1L in NOVA III got closer to the epicenter of actions an here is what we - humanity see from this cosmic event!

10/11/22 19:03 +4 GMT
First time during the history of observation NOVA III stellar system there was detected exoplanetary activity. It was on A0 - 3. Stay tuned.

11/11/22 16:26 +4 GMT
After yesterday's hyperactivity on A0 - 3, broadcasting the latest condition of the exoplanet. While waiting for complete calm to see the consequences of this cosmic event,

12/11/22 17:18 +4 GMT
Today the A0 - 3 looks stable. This event allowed us to receive information from NOVA III in a short time. I'll share news from other planets soon.

14/11/22 14:04 +4 GMT
After the ship is directed over the activity surface, we clearly see in the photograph that it was a collision of the A0 - 3 satellite with an exoplanet. We also see that the rings have become more scattered from the shock wave. At the moment, it is calm on the surface, but this crater will remind humanity of new achievements in the space sphere.
27/01/23 12:23 +4 GMT
Until January 30th, A0 - 3 will be at the closest point to
A2 - 1. Using this opportunity, we set the image sensors of the spacecraft KVM1L which in orbit of A2 - 1 in direction of
A0 - 3 to collect data on its satellites and in search of evidence for the hypothesis of the fractal system of this exoplanet.
28/01/23 15:05 +4GMT
According to the data obtained on satellites A0 - 3, two significant discoveries were made.
First - Exoplanetary activity in October 2022 was associated with the collision of one of the satellites. There are currently seven satellites in orbit.
Secondly, a proof of the hypothesis of the fractality of the A0 - 3 system appeared. We were able to fix images of two satellites.
30/01/23 13:39 +4GMT
The Sharaf satellite is evidence of a previously unseen, fractal space system in which the satellite, being in orbit A0 - 3, the closest exoplanet to the NOVA III star, also has its own satellite with a satellite. These space objects are connected not only by gravity, but by heating each other they support internal thermonuclear reactions. In fact, this is a system of stars one in orbit of the other.
21/02/23 13:57 +4GMT
Today we are ready to present you all seven exomoons of A0 - 3! Some of them you have already seen, some are published for the first time. Approximately 3 months before we detected huge activity on the exoplanet A0 - 3, and now we have discovered that this is the crash! of the 8th -closest satellite. Also as a bonus from universe we have photograph of the subsatellite of the exomoon Sharaf.
12/07/23 12:52 +4 GMT
Now we have a photograph of a sub-satellite orbiting Sharaf in its most visible phase when neither overexposed by starlight of #NOVAIII and exoplanet
A0 - 3 nor in Sharaf's shadow.
of exoplanet
A0 - 3

NEWS about A2 - 1 #NOVAIII

28/02/22 19:23 +4 GMT
The spacecraft quantdropped into orbit of exoplanet A2 - 1. First time we have close view from NOVA III stellar system. On video is the ring of A2 - 1. Video

22/03/22 23:48 +4 GMT
Transferred detailed view of the valley on A2 - 1.

02/01/23 17:00 +4 GMT
Satellite connection with A2 - 1 has been restored. The first thing we were able to transmit this time was images of the north pole of the exoplanet. Recall that at the beginning of 2022, after the first view of the exoplanet's ring, our connection was cut off. Video

03/01/2023 13:51 +4 GMT
Transmission of recorded and preserved observations for the year from a satellite out of communication received! On the images we see motionless and frozen landscapes, once a fiery exoplanet A2 - 1. Video

06/01/23 23:45 +4 GMT
Spacecraft KVM1L made documentation of the dark side if A2 - 1! Currently data on transmission.
07/01/23 13:47 +4GMT
After the connection is restored, the satellite devices are launched in test mode. The spacecraft KVM1L was equipped with a scanner to study the state of the surface in the dark time on the A2 - 1. As it became known, the temperature falls three times and the state of aggregation of substances changes twice per planetary day. Video

08/01/23 16:20 +4 GMT
We are still receiving data from the KVM1L. Today we collected a selection of frames with a view of the landscapes of A2 - 1 during it's starset. From a close distance traces of metal corrosion are visible on the surface.
14/01/23 07:03 +4 GMT
This is the new wave of NOVA III! Very simple and genius idea illuminated today - to direct the lenses of KVM1L to the moon of A2 - 1. The result - first close photograph of the natural satellite named Thaís. Video

14/01/23 17:32 +4 GMT
Detected electromagnetic impulses of A2 - 1. Video

NEWS about A0 - 2 #NOVAIII

20/01/23 13:27 +4GMT
Yesterday energy activity was detected on A0 - 2 exoplanet. This led to the idea of direct the KVM1L - spacecraft in orbit of A2 - 1 to it. NOW as a result, we have a close image of the A0 - 2's moon, which is called Schaitl.

18/07/23 17:05 +4GMT
During of the next phase of A0 - 2's satellite - Schaitl we captured and proofed with the closest view to it's liquid moon which is containing all water used to on A0 - 2.
03/09/23 11:20 +4GMT
Today our drone has reached the surface of the exoplanet. The first images show as yet unidentified structures on it. We are waiting for a new data pack for more accurate conclusions.

07/09/23 13:11 +4GMT
Judging by the new images and data, water in liquid form may be on the surface. There are also close shots of structures on the slopes of hills and mountains, but we still cannot determine their origin.

08/09/23 5:55 +4GMT
Among yesterday's data packets, a cave entrance was found on exoplanet. At the moment, there are discussions about whether it is worth flying the device inside, risking losing communication, or continuing to levitate along the "desert"* surface, as the majority of the team call it.

NEWS about A2 - 2 #NOVAIII

16/11/23 11:11 +4GMT
During the expeditions, a large number of cities and megalopolises by human standards were found under the surface of the exoplanet. Based on everything, a theory arose that after the fragmentation of the plates and the release of a large amount of heat into the atmosphere of A2 - 2 and the discovery of underground reservoirs, these creatures moved into caves. Given the scale of settlements, this period lasted a long time until the concentration of harmful gases and (or) the depletion of scarce resources, the era of this civilization met its end.
20/11/23 15:40 +4GMT
Thanks to the operators' exquisite control of the drone, we have detailed close-up images of newly discovered formations.
Also, the Uriel cave turned out to be extensive and significantly longer than the drone's flight range. The team of operators and researchers were faced with another difficult choice - to remove the device from the cave for recharging, or to use the charge to remove, to deepen and make large discoveries, but thereby complete the expedition.

22/11/23 17:37 +4GMT
The decision to continue the expedition has already yielded the first results! Water reservoirs were found on the lower tier. This becomes a convincing argument that these dungeons were inhabited by life. Who knows, maybe in the future there will be survivors in small groups.
* We would like to mention that according to the data obtained so far, the surface of A2 - 2 is mostly desert. Only in the vicinity of this slope was a supposed pond found and the structure of this slope itself differed from what was previously found, as if washed by water.

10/09/23 18:13 +4GMT
The first images of interior of the cave. We can draw conclusions about the observed structures based on the analysis of more accessible information and data.

12/11/23 10:33 +4GMT
Over the past few months, more and more accumulated information has been analyzed. The use of chemical analysis methods made it possible to detect supposed chemical components similar to the activities of ants, such as pheromones and the remains of an ant body, thereby confirming the hypotheses put forward after the discovery of unidentified structures in caves.
14/09/23 6:37 +4GMT
The deeper the drone penetrates, the more of these structures we can observe. From an engineering point of view, they are solid constructed structures built from environmental materials, much like anthills.

16/09/23 8:24 +4GMT
According to the collected data, we established that these are the remains of a certain underground city that was formed during a period of increased temperature on the surface. As long as there is a connection and it is stable, we will explore further.
01/11/23 12:11 +4GMT
We move on to the second phase of the expedition on the surface of A2 - 2. After discoveries in the Gadiel cave, our team chose a nearby cave called Uriel.

02/11/23 13:58 +4GMT
At the very entrance to the Uriel cave, image sensors recorded same formations. After this discovery, there is no doubt that the next area of study on A2 - 2 will be these structures. We are still collecting more data to understand their nature of formation.
23/11/23 10:03 +4GMT
At the last charges, new observations are still being received. As we delve further, new horizons open before us. With a decrease in temperature and an increase in resources in lower levels, conditions were more favorable, which contributed to the development of settlements to the scale of megapolises by human standards.

25/11/23 15:53 +4GMT
With the drone discharge, yesterday, at 16:20, the expedition on the exoplanet ended. Before crashing on the surface, the device transmitted the last images to the communication center. This way we got the closest shots to the surface. As we study and make new discoveries based on them, we will keep you updated.
Obviously our story on A2 - 2 will continue for a long.

NEWS about A3 - 1 #NOVAIII

01/07/23 21:07 +4GMT
After studying the A3 - 1 with the spectrometer data using AI, we sent a small drone equipped with an image sensor to collect new data. After entering the atmosphere, the first images were obtained. The images confirmed the assumption of the presence of liquid mercury on the surface. The first discovered sea on exoplanet was named Aia.

NEWS about A3 - 2 #NOVAIII

01/03/23 14:20 +4GMT
Nitrous oxide detected in the atmosphere of A3 - 2 which is primarily produced by natural processes such as bacterial denitrification in ocean. In the context of biosignatures, the presence of nitrous oxide in an exoplanet's atmosphere could be an indication of biological activity. However, the detection of nitrous oxide alone is not necessarily a conclusive sign of life, since the gas can also be produced by non-biological processes such as lightning or volcanism.
In order to more confidently identify nitrous oxide as a biosignature, we would need to look for additional evidence of life.

Three dimensional visualization generated from photographs of exoplanets.
Rome, 41°89 77N, 12°47 79E, Wednesday, the 22nd of June, the 173rd day in the year 1633, 7:00 p.m. The full moon resided in the constellation Sagittarius. Jupiter had already hidden his countenance behind the hills, and in a few minutes Venus would follow him. Draco's head lay in the zenith above the holy city, visible through the oculus of the Pantheon. Diagonally across the street, in front of the steps of the church Santa Maria sopra Minerva, an old man in a hair shirt dismounted a mule, shortly thereafter to kneel down and reveal what he believes and recant what he has seen.
I, Galileo Galilei, have forsworn, sworn and promised... on my knees. Against better judgment. In the face of evidence. Contrary to the experiments. And so she, the sun, has punished me. So, too, the stars have determined, and Jupiter has judged me, taking my sight, so that I could never betray him again. A just punishment for the betrayal. How could I denigrate the truth? No one knows, as well as I. Before me no man saw, what I saw. I was the first, who pointed the lenses upward toward the heavens, unlike all the small minds, who merely held them straight ahead, gazing at the nearest hill. I opened the door. Never before did anyone gaze at all the suns, this twinkling, the innumerable stars, a vastness that took my breath away.
They were always there, yet it was given to me to be the first human to behold them, back then 30 years ago. A sea of stars. Was it not I, who revolutionized seeing?
Who explained to people that the play of light and shadow on the moon is no different than here on earth? That the moon has mountains and valleys and seas? That there is no man in the moon? Yes, it was I, who first saw that Copernicus was right, and that we are the ones that rotate. If the four Medici, the small moons, revolve around
Jupiter, then the Earth cannot be the only center of celestial rotations. I saw it. The sun lies at the center of all large planetary orbits. Did God not give man the ability to reason, an intellect and eyes so that he may use of them?
The experiment - the teacher of all things - showed me everything: that the essence of nature can be described mathematically, that the book of nature is written in the language of mathematics.
Empiricism led to knowledge. And, no, theology is not superior to all sciences, for it is not a science, since it cannot be proven. Only proof can support theory. So elegant was my "Dialogo", so ingenious was the argumentative dance, that in the end there could be no doubt. It was not I who proved, but rather common sense following the arguments. I answered the questions in terms of the Inquisition, back then 1633. Yet the next day, when I had to slip on the hair shirt - I, the great Galileo, like a heretic - in order to appear before the seven cardinals, what choice did I have besides renunciation, besides the disavowal of my knowledge as collateral for my life? But the real punishment is not the lifelong house arrest. The punishment is the darkness. Now I no longer see anything, an eternal night without stars. What I deserve.


NOVA III: Beginning

A0 - 3 / 40.355510, 49.829617
A0 - 1 / 40.375486, 49.833394
A0 - 2 / 40.355920, 49.830332

ARTIM Flux: Peripheral Expansion / 08.10.2019 - 29.11.2019

They say, "The macrocosm of the universe is mirrored in the microcosm of the mind" which can be applied to "NOVA III", the immersive installation by Emin Mathers raising the question around the place of the human energy and its potential of materializing imagination in the macrocosm which can refer both to the whole universal system and the society. The photo installation creates an experience of high perception of limitless eternity.
Video link: Facebook

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Handicraft, BAKU

White wall: "Exoplanets A0 - 1, A2 - 3, A0 - 3"

Wake-up artist / 12.04.2020
Millepiani, Rome
A0 - 1 / 40.375486, 49.833394

LoosenArt: Windows into the virtual / 16.02.2021 - 21.02.2021

The exhibition, open to the public from February 5 to March 4, 2021, presents digital, photographic and video works that reflect on the theme of the virtual dimension, interpreted according to different declinations and perspectives.
Starting from the Renaissance period, the very concept of the frame was a reference to the idea of a window that opens to external worlds, to other worlds and to what is beyond reality.
The result of the group show Windows into the Virtual is a mirror of the reality we live: sometimes it shows the world we live in, at other times it breaks through the door of the unreal, the non-existent, the paradoxical.

Event curated by LoosenArt


Virtual exhibition of
NFT Collection

/ 06.12.2022

Our Botanical Garden is an advocate for the plants


A2 - 4 at Community Artist Showcase at NFT.NYC

A2 - 4 / 40.357470, 49.833030

NFT NYC 2023 / 14.04.2023 - 14.04.2023

Our Botanical Garden is an advocate for the plants


Exoplanets at Culture and Creativity Sector Forum

A2 - 4 / 40.357470, 49.833030
A2 - 3 / 40.353069, 49.835654
A0 - 1 / 40.375486, 49.833394

MYS FORUM / 28.11.2023 - 30.11..2023
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