Mtkvari / მტკვარი

in old Georgian "Mt'k'uari", either from Georgian "good water" or a Georgianized form of Megrelian tkvar-ua "gnaw", as in, "river that eats its way through the mountains».
Human have inhabited the Caucasus region for thousands of years. First established agriculture was in the valley of Kura. These frames from the current life of the capital of Sakartvelo arose between long witnessings as the water of the "Kür" flowed in some places quickly, in some places slowly, and in some places it even twisted. By the end of the story, the stream became more moderate and pure.
I came to Tbilisi to discover the most rapidly developing city in terms of culture, especially in photography, in the South Caucasus. After half a year in conclusion I created this series and zine which are assembled in such a way as to reflect this observation without distortion, while the non-stitched pages leave the flexibility to immerse the viewer in this flow of the city, watch and draw their own conclusions.
In my experience, the river has been a cleansing factor. During the project, I returned many times and watched the flow for a long time in order to soberly remember the essence of what I was experiencing and not get carried away in everyday dramas.
The Mtkvari's flow, in turn, reflected the initially stormy flow of my thoughts and experiences. Month after month, becoming cleaner and calmer, what my mind was aiming for.
tbilisi, Sakartvelo
Dissolution Gallery / 29.09.2022 - 13.09.2022
tbilisi, Sakartvelo
in i-mediatheque of Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia museum
TPMM / 05.01.2023
Tbilisi, Sakartvelo 2022
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