"Ethereal luminosity" is a captivating photography project that delves into the very essence of imagination, exploring the essence of the origin of a creative idea, using the interplay of light, waves, and vibrations to create mesmerizing forms that transcend the boundaries of reality. Inspired by the idea that there are forms which never existed and will never appear again, and how the mint is interprets these unique forms with existing knowledge.
In an era where AI possesses the ability to combine hundreds of captured images to recreate intended visuals, doing vice versa of it I embarked on a journey to rediscover the allure of new and original forms. Having immersed myself in countless works of NFT art sector for nine months, I felt an undeniable need to break out of the boundaries of what I saw and pave the way for unseen possibilities.
Returning to the basics was the key to unlocking a new wave of my creativity. Drawing inspiration from light, waves and vibrations, I aspire to manifest wholly novel forms and structures that resonate with the community. By peering into the ethereal world of UV color, I aim to challenge conventional vision and push the boundaries of artistic expression through photography.
In a world increasingly dominated by technology, this project serves as a poignant reminder of the intrinsic power of human - imagination. It beckons viewers to look beyond the reality and explore the fileds of the extraordinary. The project invites the audience to partake in a shared experience of wonder, opening minds to uncharted territories of creativity.
Join us on this enchanting journey through the limitless expanse of the human mind. "Ethereal luminosity" offers a captivating exploration of the ephemeral nature of imagination, encapsulated in undiscovered hues and ethereal structures, forever frozen in time, awaiting discovery by the beholder.
"vibrations and waves"

"Inspiration Formula"
inspiration that is believed to come through the sixth and seventh chakras is often associated with higher consciousness, intuition, and spiritual insight.
"musician's hand"
"the sound of guitar distortion"
"keyboard / piano"
"disco light"

"Auditory inspiration"*
or simply "Sound inspiration." These terms convey the idea that you are drawing inspiration or creative influence from auditory elements, such as music, sounds, or noises.
"feeling of fear" I fully witnessed a fear, spending the night in a forest. It was insane to attentively feel the vibrations of this fear. I noticed that this is strongly interconnected with the wet cold of the night, because after he lit the fire, he immidietly disappeared.
"insects / spider" The childhood fear of mine. Sometimes I think in previous life I died after an insect bite.
"ugliness" How do you feel about it? What is it for you? Do you accept it or blocking it?
"dog" Today's fear was overcome many years ago, but recently I noticed that in my native culture, the dog symbolizes more fear, evil and life difficulties than human's friend.
"death" Thinking about it ,I understand that it came from pop culture, from films and books, that is, the imagination of people who imagine it so terribly. This does not exist in nature.
"financial crisis"

"Forms of Fears"
In this chapter the focus is on overcoming the fear of fear itself. Through striking visuals and then experiencing them, this chapter delves into the transformative journey of facing humans deepest fears head-on ultimately illuminating the path to growth and empowerment.

"XX & XY"
Spiritual equality exists between men and women as both are fundamentally human. However, on a physical level, the human body is naturally predisposed to perform specific functions. Biological sex is determined by one's chromosomal composition, with females having XX chromosomes and males having XY chromosomes. Additionally, reproductive organs develop from shared embryonic structures but differentiate in response to hormonal signals. The choice is yours - are you a spirit or a body?
"youth" I'm 32 and I move between youth and adult live and enjoy it. What about you? How do you feel yourself in your age?
"adulthood" Time passed (a day) and adult life came. I understood this part of life as the most productive part of life. When all the power of your life is in your hands. Do you feel it?
"old age"

"Circle of life"
resonates like a harmonious vibration, echoing through the waves of time. From birth to growth, from flourishing to passing, this unending cycle encapsulates the essence of nature's rhythm. Embracing this concept can inspire us to live with mindfulness, gratitude, and a deep appreciation for the diverse experiences that shape our journey.

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Our Botanical Garden is an advocate for the plants

Baku, Azerbaijan

"Forms of Fears" presented by Tecili Photo

iN Club, New ZEON / 26.10.2023

Our Botanical Garden is an advocate for the plants

New York, USA

Community Artist Showcase
at NFT.NYC 2024


North Javits, Hudson Yards and Times Square /
03.04.2024 - 05.04.2024

Auditory inspiration:
My gratitudes to
Elnara Nasirli
Huseyn Jaleel
Orkhan Mammadov
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