I'm a lens based visual artist, creating single edition monotypes. Photography gives me the opportunity to observe my subject more attentively, select the best point of view, lighting, timing and capture it. On the second stage I work on the selected photograph - editing and making lite manipulations if needed and on the third stage choosing best materials to print on and framing which plays an equally important role for the viewer's perception of the subject. Thus, the final piece of art becomes a portal to that unique experience through which the viewer and then the next generations have the opportunity to experience.

თავისუფლება / Tavisupleba

In Baku there is a monument to a woman taking off her headscarf. The idea of removing the veil by Sevil reflects the liberation of an Azerbaijani woman from secular shackles, the opportunity to play a role in the public life of her country, to study and work, which is already a past stage and on the verge of the past. Sharaf is the woman left her country in search of freedom. With this photograph I manifest the beginning of a new era in a still conservative social structure.
tons of plastic have been produced by modern humanity from the time we invented it.

- Plastic as we know has existed for just 65-75 years.
- 80% of produced plastic is trash now.
- 20% of garbage is waste from food and beverage packagings.
- It is estimated that about 10 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every year.
- Turtles do not distinguish plastic bags from jellyfish, which may be included in their diet.
- The eaten plastic accumulates in the body of sea creatures that do not digest, which in the long term leads to their malnutrition or starvation.


It is all about details and perspective.


St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery was built to let the sun illuminate the icon in the center of it on the orthodox Christmas. I was witnessing this architectural miracle on the first days of my visit to Kyiv in January of 2021. Slow time made it possible to capture this moment from three different points.


Do you remember the moment you finally arrive to the bosom of nature? When the engine stops singing monotonously and harmonic silence of surroundings embraces you. What do you see through the glass of your perception when you finally can observe the beauty of slowing down?
In my art using photography as a very fast tool to capture the image and spend more time for observation and detection ephemeral phenomenons.


The climate of Absheron peninsula is excellent for growing grapevine.
In theory, if you make a "talwar" - a canopy entwined with meyna over the sidewalks, then they will cast a shadow and even in the harvest season the city will be extremely abundant with these paradise berries.

Mosaic reflection

This frame about the wide potential of these huge surfaces in cityscape. Me, as a photographer used its species - reflection to shoot a wide angle mosaic image of the city and passing the baton to architects, constructors and inventors to use these surfaces as productive as possible.

Multidimensional frame

If you accept the oil paintings as artist's intention to open the doors to the specific moment of time for the viewer, then next time visit an art museum as an archive of moments and immerse yourself into time and space of the painting you watch. If this concept hasn't been existing in your reality, I invite you to enter through this portal.


This frame was made to go beyond the expression "Invisible like wind" and to see how it rushes through one leaves and passes by others.
If you focus on the carpet in the south Gilavar wind, which is a part of the culture, you can notice with peripheral vision how the brain recreates the movement of leaves.

Lale 2022

In the city where I grew up, encountering poppies required a journey of over one hundred kilometers. However, during my stay in Tbilisi amidst the poppy season, I was astounded to behold the flourishing of immense poppies across the city, even unto the heart of the central streets. Given their delicate nature, it seemed impossible to bring them as a gift to my mother a few months later upon my return to Baku, she being named after this very flower. Nonetheless, the art of photography proved an aid in this venture.

Yalchin, Bagh

In gratitude to the Cyrillic generation.


There are three layers in this photograph as in reality - imagination, vision and essence. And 4th state is absence of all of it.
Imagination: This layer refers to the creative interpretation of the photograph by the viewer. It involves the imagination and personal perception of the viewer, which can be influenced by their past experiences, emotions, and cultural background.
Vision: This layer refers to the actual visual elements present in the photograph, which is reflection and represents the physical reality.
Essence: This layer refers to the underlying meaning or message conveyed by the photograph.

DomSovet 2021

"Early morning view to Government house"

The first minutes of the meeting with Baku after several months of absence began with this view. This inspired me to study the architecture of the city, which I did not pay so much attention to during the decades of my life here. Subsequently, this interest became the "Eastern portals" project.

Museum of Azerbaijani Literature

"Photography is a technique which I use to connect memory, presence and imagination. An extra visible dimension to that experience appears. By creating photographs, I illuminate time to a visible 4th dimension."

Oposite negatives

Walking along the coastline for a long time, keeping balance like a tightrope walker, I noticed that not only the essence of the coast and the sea are opposite as parts of yin and yang, but also their colors suggest the idea of natural unity and harmony.


It used to be working pump on other side of Bayil hills. This pump was disassembled in 2020

Moon light

This image is the story of a long way of photons.

Burning helium generates light which hits the moonlit expanse, then, reflected, moves 384 400 km to the telescope's main mirror, then to the secondary reflector and finally after about 9 minutes, being gathered by a camera lense in 3 cm away from telescope's viewfinder, projects moon image on its matrix.

Kolkhoz / Kartof yığımı 2021

This photograph is the result of my inspiration from a visit to the house-museum of Tair Salakhov. While on my way to Lankaran, I was struck by the vivid colors and characters that I had seen in his works, and I was inspired to capture them in this image.
During the process of this artwork, from beginning to end, I observed how the work of the artist creates further realities that the viewer experiences.

Roots & branches

When we lean against a tree with our spine, we are connected to the planet in the invisible eye of the planet, therefore, to the earth. Thus, a person can draw energy and information from the earth through the roots and through branches of the tree from the entire environment.

After the appearance of this idea, I searched for such a tree for several years in several countries, in forests and islands and finally found it in Lankaran. Then after lying in the stock for about a year, and even exhibiting in a different form in Tbilisi, I stumbled upon this frame created by nature and human as a part of the nature, and it found its final state.

Formula / Oil factor

For many years, the oil-rich territories on the Western coast of the Caspian Sea were considered a tasty morsel of land for immediate neighbors and great powers.
Although oil was first extracted commercially in Azerbaijan in the end of the 19th century it was not until late 20th century that the country gained, together with its independence, was able to have access to its own resources.
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