Embark on a visual journey through the ethereal realms of color perception with the photography project, 'EPHEMEREALITY'. As a passionate visual artist, the quest has been to elevate my artistic vision to the overnatural, unlocking the untapped potential of a broader spectrum of color waves. Over the past few years, I observed a fascinating phenomenon — the abundance of soft, lilac to ultraviolet tones that grace the skies during rare sunsets.
Interested by the dynamic interplay of light, I've observed the ephemeral hues that dance above the violet threshold, creating a mesmerizing spectacle in the natural environment.
First I wondered that while witnessing a sunset in the company of others, one realizes the subjective nature of color perception, as each observer experiences a unique palette of colors, perception of light is intricately linked to the human's eyes and how they interpret the varied wavelengths. Seeking to unravel the mystery behind these elusive purple sunsets, I delved into the depths of research, and didn't found information on the specific conditions that give rise to this enchanting phenomenon.
Hence, I coined the term 'ephemereal sunset' to encapsulate the transient nature of these spectral displays, that eludes categorization. The project invites you to plunge into the mysterious world of artistic exploration of the mystical side of sunsets, where an ordinary phenomenon turns into an extraordinary chance for the development of human vision, and the ephemeral becomes a timeless visual odyssey uniting, wherever on earth we are, into a single space of time.

VR installation equipment and technique to create the experience:

- VR headset
- soft floor or pole for safety

The series of photographs continuing one another is to create a panorama of much more than 360 degrees, like 3600 degrees, which in the end will become a dizzying VR installation where the panorama in front of the eyes of the audience will continue to make a full circle around their axis. That is, in other words, as an example - a panorama of 3600 degrees, if conditionally for a full circle you need to make 10 circles.

Серии из фотографий продолжающих одна другую в том чтобы созать панораму на много больше чем 360 градусов, например 3600 градусов которая в конечном результате станет головокружительной VR инсталяцией где панорама перед глазами зрителей сделав полный круг вокруг их оси продолжится. Как пример - панорама в 3600 градусов если условно для полного круга нужно сделать 10 кругов.

Projection equipment and techniques for recreating the necessary space:

- high-resolution & high-lumen projector
- 70% transparent white screen,
- UV light,
- computer or USB slot,
- black space.

- projector can be replaced arc-shaped screen

Recreating this vision requires a high-resolution & high-lumen projector to avoid pixelation and a white screen that is 70% transparent. UV light in a dark space with black walls to prevent reflected light. Thus, those parts that the projector leaves grayish-white, UV lighting will fill these parts of the photographs and connect the holistic panoramic image
with one light tone.

Для воссоздания этого видения необходим светосильный проектор с высоким разрешением во избежание пикселизации и белый экран на 70% прозрачный. УФ свет в темном пространстве с черными стенами для предотвращения отраженного света. Таким образом
те части что проектор оставляет серо-белым, УФ освещение заполнить эти части фотографий и соединит в единое
панорамное изображение одним световым тоном.

LED screen installation equipment and technique to create the experience:

- LED long landscape screen
- UV light along the screen

Along the entire length of all four walls, a screen with a height of 50 cm or more. UV tubes are installed along the lower line of screen. Thus, purple light from the screens, filling the exhibition space, will be supplemented with ultraviolet light.

Вдоль всей длины всех четырех стен, экран с высотой 50 см или более. УФ -трубы установлены вдоль нижней линии экрана. Таким образом, фиолетовый свет от экранов, заполняющий выставочное пространство, будет дополнен ультрафиолетовым светом.

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