The idea of a soul in one's eyes is a metaphorical expression that has been used in various contexts throughout history. Some people believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul, representing a human's innermost thoughts and emotions. This concept has been explored in different forms of art, including literature, music, visual art and now crypto art.
The idea of a soul in one's eyes is also often associated with emotional depth and intensity. For instance, human eyes may be described as "soulful" if they display a great deal of emotion or if they reveal a complex inner world. In this context, the eyes are seen as a reflection of a human's character, personality, and life experiences.
Some people believe that the concept of the soul in one's eyes can be linked to psychic abilities or supernatural powers. According to some paranormal beliefs, a human with "soulful eyes" may have the ability to see beyond the physical world and tap into other dimensions of reality.
Overall, the concept of a soul in one's eyes is a complex and multifaceted one that has been explored in various ways throughout history. While it may hold different meanings for different cultures and individuals, it remains a powerful symbol of emotional depth, spiritual connection, and supernatural insight.

"enemy is an illusion"

After intense conversation with Sergey, about issue between two countries I asked him to make a very close-up photograph of his eye. This will be proof of what he said when I tell his story. Because the eyes don't lie.
"Flowers are slow explosions"

If you observe the explosion and blossoming simultaneously, you can notice the identity of their movements and forms. The energy, having amassed to the utmost point, is released as sparks in the event of a detonation, and a pistil for flowers, and tongues of flame for the former, and as petals for the latter. Upon attaining instantly absolute beauty, they smoothly dissolve into space.

This photography was first taken for the essay
"Human 2020", as a portrait of a modern human looking two to ten hours a day.
"The third eye"

Have you noticed that when we observe things at a close distance, we tend to focus on one eye, while the information provided by the other is used to provide depth perception? If you make a conscious effort to pay attention to both while looking at your reflection, it might lead to the appearing of the third eye.
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