When we lean against a tree with our spine, we are connected to the planet in the invisible eye of the planet, therefore, to the earth. Thus, a person can draw energy and information from the earth through the roots and through branches of the tree from the entire environment.
"Both updraft and downdraft we remember from our tree being experience."
Trees are in energetic reality are like bubbles. Connecting roots and branches creates circles. Connecting roots and branches are funnels of energy. Trees are a very slow energy circulation. In right conditions a seed, it seems to explode the space and circulation begins there with a very slow stream, the length of which is the life of a tree. And touching them, we are as close as possible to that funnel.
I have a hypothesis that the result of frequent fires in the 2019-20s, in which large areas of the forest cover of the earth were damaged, was the so-called virus that affects the human respiratory system covid 19. This was another indicator of a simple and obvious fact - the human respiratory process is part of the metabolism during photosynthesis. What trees breathe out, people breathe in, and vice versa.
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